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What is the difference between Gummy candies and Geléss candies ?

In the world of candies, the variety of the offer is very wide and often it is easy to make confusion among the different classes of product, taste and format. Speaking about candies, it is necessary to know that the biggest portion of the offer is represented by Soft candies produced with substances that have the characteristic of restraining water in order to form an elastic structure. According to the raw material used, soft candies, can be divided mainly in two categories: gummy candies and Gelées Candies. Gummy Candies are normally produced with animal gelatin, obtained from swine or bovine, meanwhile for Gelées Candies it is used the pectin: a natural gelling agent of vegetable origin, contained inside the pulp and the peel of many fruits (as for example apples and citrus fruits). The pectin extracts from fruit, can be consumed also by people that are suffering of food intolerance and it is suitable for every kind of consumer. On market you can also find soft candies that are using as a gelling agent the Arabic Gum, a substance with vegetable origin. For a conscious and aware choice about what we eat, the advice is of always reading the label on which it is indicated among the ingredients which kind of gelling agent is used.

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