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ENSAR FOREIGN TRADE COMPANY is a privately owned trading company specialized in importing and exporting high quality foodstuff products from Europe and the rest of the World on an exclusive basis.

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» Mission
ENSAR FTC aims to fulfill its mission by

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» Vision
Our commitment is to fully satisfying our customers’ requirements through a process of continuous improvement.

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Commitment to the Customer - We manifest in all commercial actions the focus on the customer, seeking its satisfaction and the consequent fidelity.

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In the world of candies, the variety of the offer is very wide and often it is easy to make confusion among the different classes of product, taste and format. Speaking about candies, it is necessary to know that the biggest portion of the offer is represented by Soft candies produced with substances that have the characteristic of restraining water in order to form an elastic structure. According to the raw material used, soft candies, can be divided mainly in two categories: gummy candies and Gelées Candies. Gummy Candies are normally produced with animal gelatin, ob
BLOW La Feminine Edition is the new brand of energy drink, designed exclusively for women. Its unique character is emphasised not only by its qualty of taste (wild strawberry with raspberry), colour of the drink, but also beautiful layout designed especially for moder womenwho value high quality at a reasonable price.
From May 2015 on “ANUFOOD Eurasia – powered by Anuga” will be a new international leading industry hotspot for the Eurasian food industry.

Ensar Foreign Trade Company
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